Individual Strategies To Reduce Risk Factors

  • Reduce time spent unoccupied
  • Increase connection with community and family
  • Become familiar with who is available to assist in your community – elders, respected community members, police, ambulance
  • Increase sense of responsibility for impact of their suicide on others
  • Organise the presence of a significant other adult for a young person, or a spouse or partner
  • Increase personal resilience
  • Enhance problem solving skills - acknowledge suicide is never the best option
  • Strengthen the belief that suicidal thoughts are a risk to life
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Strong spiritual or religious faith[1] or a sense of meaning and purpose to life is protective
  • Remove any means that can be used for self-harm



[1] De Leo, D., Hickey, P. A., Neulinger, K., & Cantor, H. (2001). Ageing and suicide. Canberra, Australia: Department of Health and Aged Care.


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