The purpose of this website is to provide support, information and help.

Suicide must be prevented.


Suicide continues to be a major contributor to the cause of death in our society, across both gender and age range. Suicide also has a major impact on other family members, carers and friends for many years to come.

This website is a response to suicide prevention to address the issue from the community level, the family or support network level and the ‘person at risk' level.

The website also looks at issues that relate to both suicide and to suicide attempts. This section also covers the healing process, which allows people to again continue with their lives.

Having suicidal thoughts at some time in one’s life is a reasonably common occurrence. In the vast majority of cases, this will only be a passing phenomenon associated with a difficult time in one’s life. In most cases, people use strategies to stand up to the suicidal thoughts and remain safe until things improve.

We now know of community strategies that work to reduce the incidence of suicide. We know of strategies to support people that reduce the incidence. We also know the strategies that the person, who has the suicidal thoughts, can take to stay alive.

This website aims to inform the community, so that it can understand and deal with the issue better and has concrete strategies for intervention. By this means, we, as a community, can have an impact on one of the most important mental health issues that we face.

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