Strategies to help the person with the thoughts

Recognise the suicide thoughts and outsmart them

  • Suicide thoughts come in waves.  The thoughts will reach a peak and then subside – usually over a few hours.
  • Often the thoughts peak at night when you are alone.
  • The thoughts discourage you from speaking to others about them.
  • They isolate you.
  • They try and trick you into the idea that there is no future.
  • Worst of all, they try and trick you into the idea that the family would be better off without you.  This is never the case.

Things to do to beat the thoughts and stay alive

  • When you feel them coming on, be with other people.  People rarely suicide in company.
  • Break the silence and talk to someone.
  • If on your own, ring a friend, family member or counselling service.
  • Avoid alcohol and illegal drugs.  These will often feed negative thoughts that can make you feel sad or bad.
  • Remove anything from the house that could be dangerous to you.

The depression will pass

  • Sooner or later you will get out of this hole.
  • You may wonder how these thoughts ever got such a strong grip on you.

Getting stronger

  • Over time, with help, you will get back your old strength.
  • This increased strength will make it less likely that the negative thoughts will have the same impact again.
  • But it takes time.  Give yourself time to work on turning things around.

Adapted from the Toughin’ It Out.  Strategies For Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts pamphlet, developed by Simon Bridge.

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