Some Features Of Men And Women Aged 25-55

These are features of men and women aged 25-55 to be considered along with the risk factors on 'Risk factor page'


  • Life event (eg. separation, loss of custody of children, loss of job, bankruptcy).
  • Personal characteristics (e.g. aggressive, hopelessness, poor sense of control, low self-esteem, rigid thinking, worriers).
  • Poor social connections, antisocial behaviour.
  • Feelings of shame, inadequacy and defeat.
  • Mood disorders, (eg. bipolar disorder, depression).
  • Alcohol and illicit drug use disorders.
  • Childhood sexual abuse.
  • Low income level.
  • Difficult to access this group to give them health information.
  • Men are often too ashamed of their suicidal thoughts to mention that they have them.


Impulsivity + alcohol + mental health disorder + life event  =  high risk combination


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