These features of young adults are to be considered along with the Risk factors page

  • Impulsivity
  • Previous suicidal behaviour
  • Prone to handle bad feelings with alcohol, cannabis and other drugs
  • Likely to know another who has done it
  • May be part of risk taking behaviour or self-harm or exhibit multiple “accident prone” incidents
  • Being bullied (e.g. at workplace or university)
  • A sense of failure at training place or university
  • A sense of failure in relationships
  • Experience of discrimination, isolation and relationship conflicts with family, friends and others because of sexuality
  • Lack of care about clothes and appearance, sudden change in weight
  • Changes in emotions and behaviour (depression, anxiety, severe anger, aggressiveness)
  • Withdrawal from friends and social activities
  • Change in social values and pessimism in society
  • Homelessness

 What Young Adults With Suicidal Thoughts Tell Us About Their Situation

1.They have a sense of having no control over things happening in their lives.

2.They feel under pressure.

3.There has been a break-up of important relationships.

4.They want to escape from depression.

The suicide attempt may signal not so much a wish to die as a wish for the hurting to stop. 

Some Reasons For Attempting Suicide

Some reasons given by young people for attempting suicide are indicated as follows in descending order1                    

  1. The situation was so unbearable that I had to do something and I didn’t know what else to do.

2. I wanted to stop feeling the pain.          

Useful Contacts For Young Adults



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